Nebraska Game and Parks Commission


Date of this Version

January 1989


Prairie Nat. 21(3):137-146, 1989. Published by Great Plains Natural Science Society. Copyright © Oates. Used by permission.


Substrate samples were taken from eight marshes in southern Nebraska during the summers of 1985 and 1986 when the marshes were relatively dry. Each sample was 12 inches square by 2 inches deep. The number of samples per marsh ranged from 66 to 112, with transect lengths ranging from 71 to 201 m. Based on a 97.5% recovery rate, these marshes contained an average of 47,217 lead and 5849 steel shot per hectare. Ranges were from 20,690 to 90,286 pellets per hectare for lead and 0 to 14,044 pellets per hectare for steel.