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It’s 455 miles across Nebraska on Interstate 80 – about seven hours if you obey the speed limit and don’t make any stops. But that’s a long time to sit in a car, so you might want to stop to stretch your legs, let the kids play for a while and get something to eat. Or, you might want to do some fishing.

If the latter is for you, there are plenty of opportunities to wet a line along Interstate 80 (I-80). Dozens of lakes are within casting distance or a few minutes drive of the interstate. In central Nebraska, they seem to be at every exit. Most of those waters, and many others, are yours to fish, and they are the reason for this guide.

The lakes are perfect places for weary cross-country travelers to stop and fish for a while. You may not even need your own fishing tackle – it can be borrowed, free of charge, at several state parks and recreation areas along the way.

The lakes are no secret to many Nebraskans – those making short trips across the state sometimes pack their rod and reel and a lunch, hoping to get a bite or two while having one. Also, the thousands of anglers who live in the many towns along I-80 have found that the freeway makes it easy for them to hop from one lake to another in search of the hot bite, and they can often be fishing only minutes after leaving home or work.