Nebraska Game and Parks Commission


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White Paper issued by the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission (1953) 7 p.


A survey was conducted in 1953 to determine the feasibility of using aerial photography to measure the trends in available waterfowl habitat in the Nebraska Sandhills. This pilot survey included 96 one-square-mile sections systematically distributed over the area to give a 0.49 percent sampling rate.

The basic waterfo\o1l habitat types apparent on the aerial photos of these sections were identified and measured with a planimeter and map measure. These ascertained totals were then projected to obtain the estimated total of each habitat type in the study area.

A statistical analysis of the survey revealed that it would be necessary to use a sampling rate of approximately 22 percent rate in order to estimate the totals of each habitat type within an error not to exceed 5 percent of the estimated totals, Indications were that a 0.5 to 1.0 percent sampling rate would then be sufficient to measure the change in available habitat.

Because of the magnitude of the survey required, this study was discontinued and no further attempt has been made to relate population trends to changes in the available habitat.