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February 1967


Published by Nebraska Game, Forestation & Parks Commission Fisheries Division. Copyright © 1967 Nebraska Game and Parks Commission. Used by permission.


Nebraska limnological studies got under way throughout the state during 1966. Since this was the first full year of activities, field collections were made at as many sites as possible to accumulate extensive limnological data from which to determine lakes for future studies. A total of 44 reservoirs, natural Sand Hill lakes, rainbasin lakes, and Interstate 80 lakes was sampled. Methodology was perfected throughout the year in order to establish sampling techniques applicable to both natural and impounded waters.

Preliminary data revealed some conspicuous differences in physiochemical and biological characteristics from the geographically different regions of Nebraska. Distributions of properties and qualities, measured quantitatively in time and space, will express biological variations occurring within and between individual lakes. Within the scope of these Occasional Papers, limnology projects throughout Nebraska will be summarized.