Nebraska Game and Parks Commission


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White paper, issued by Nebraska Game & Parks Commission, April 2005.
Rex Amack, Director; Kirk Nelson, Assistant Director;Don Gablehouse, Fisheries Division Chief


Copyright (c) 2005 Nebraska Game & Parks Commission.


Analyses in this report will refer to number of different groups. Catfish seeking anglers are defined as any angler who has spend at least 1 trip during 2002 in pursuit of a catfish species (channel, blue, flathead, or bullhead). This is the most general group included in the analyses and is also the least avid group of anglers in regards to their relationship to catfish angling. Catfish anglers are defined as those respondents who identified a catfish species as the species they most prefer to target. Catfish anglers represent a smaller group of respondents with a higher avidity for catfish angling than catfish seeking anglers. The third group identified and examined in this report are Nebraska Catfish Angler Association members, referred to as NCAA anglers. These anglers are the smallest segment of anglers sampled and represent the most avid catfish anglers in the state. Surveys results were obtained from NCAA anglers during their February 2003 business meeting and used the same survey instrument that was distributed during the 2002 NLAS. NCAA angler responses are not included in Catfish Seeking or Catfish Anglers group analyses which were drawn from the 2002 NLAS.