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The Nebraska Stream Fishery Surveys: Being a Comparison of the First Statewide Collections of Raymond Johnson (1939-1941) with a Recent Resurvey (2003-2005). 2017. Schainost, Steven C. and Edward J. Peters.


For photos from the surveys, see the following (also available on the Digital Commons):

Schainost, Steven C. 2017. The Nebraska Stream Surveys--The Photographs: Nebraska Streams Photographed During Raymond Johnson's Statewide Stream Fishery Survey (1939-41) and How They Look Now, 78 Years Later. Lincoln: Nebraska Game and Parks Commission.


The first statewide survey of Nebraska fishes was done between 1939 and 1941. This survey was repeated between 2003 and 2005. This document compares and contrasts the results of those two surveys to illustrate what has changed and what hasn't changed over that 60 year period. It is hoped that this document can serve as a resource for future researchers to track changes in Nebraska's fish communities.