Nebraska Game and Parks Commission


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Rolfsmeier, S. B., G. Steinauer, and R. Simpson. Version I. September 2014. Range Maps for the Terrestrial Natural Communities of Nebraska. Lincoln: Nebraska Natural Heritage Program, Nebraska Game and Parks Commission


This document includes range maps for the 83 terrestrial natural (plant) communities described in Terrestrial Ecological Systems and Natural Communities of Nebraska (Version IV - March 9, 2010) by Rolfsmeier and Steinauer 2010. Each map includes the known range and potential range for individual community types. The known range includes areas where a community has been documented and areas where it has not been documented but thought very likely to occur. The potential range includes areas where the community has not been documented but is thought to have some potential to occur. The maps should be considered approximations of the community ranges and are meant to be used at a coarse scale.