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Published by Nebraska Extension in Lancaster County, 444 Cherrycreek Road, Suite A, Lincoln, Nebraska 68528 United States, +1-402-441-7180, http://lancaster.unl.edu


Published by University of Nebraska – Lincoln Extension in Lancaster County, 444 Cherrycreek Road, Suite A, Lincoln, NE 68528-1507, (402) 441-7180 http://lancaster.unl.edu


National 4-H Week
Growing hardy bulbs
Fall storage of tender bulbs, corms and tubers
Hints for fruit storage
Where do fruit flies come from?
Kid's Corner
Wolf spiders are “big, hairy and real fast”
Reduce unwanted advertising mail!
September 20-26, 1999: Celebrate P2 Week!
Bee or wasp problems?
Fall clean-up of warm-season grasses
Prepare grain bins and equipment before harvest
Fall is a good time to control problem weeds Pricing silage into the feed bunk
On-farm grain storage
Prevent fires in wood-burning stoves
Tractor safety tips (part 9)
Water-saving adjustments
Mulch–mowing your lawn
Hemlock and livestock
Drinking water quality ‘report cards’
Nutrition Education Program: Are you on a limited budget? We can help!
Healthy Eating: Fall Fruit Salad
September promotion emphasizes “Cook It Safely”
Focus on Food
Family & Community Education: Jean's Journal
FCE News
Household Hints: Get those spots or stains out!
R.I.P.: a final act of caring
Kids on the move: Learning to be traffic smart
Character Counts! Corner
Unequal partners
1999 Ak-Sar-Ben Livestock Exposition and World Championship Rodeo
4-H Bulletin Board
Come to the Record Book Workshop II
It’s time to reorganize!
Lancaster County 4-H Smallbore Rifle Club is looking for some new members
4-H Horse Bits
Make a Difference Day
Character Counts! training for all interested persons
2002 CWFregistration begins
4-H Award nominations
4-H Awards
Thank you trophy sponsors!
Fair’s over, now what? Parent and leader meeting
Social capital: What is it? Can we buy it? Can we build it? How can we keep it?
LaDeane Jha, Extension Educator with “Trailblazer Award Recognition”
Ever wonder about the origin of the song “There Is No Place Like Nebraska”?
Is the University of Nebraska part of your future?
Give children a chance to feel they are a “WOW”

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