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September 2001


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4-H Centennial–1902-2002
4-H Centennial Quiz
Poison Ivy
Seasonal Needle Drop on Evergreens
Horticulture information center
Norfolk Island Pine
Tiny Flies In the House? Find the Source
Simple Fruit Fly Trap
The Kids are Back in School – So are Head Lice. . .
New Home? New Bugs!
Fall Household Hazardous Waste Collections
New Home? New Bugs!
Fall Is a Good Time to Control Problem Weeds
Prepare Grain Bins and Equipment Before Harvest
Nitrogen Fertilizer Sources
Crop Residues: An Economical Source of Feed
Nebraska Forest Service Ends Tree Distribution Program
Fall Dandelion Treatment
Livestock Buildings
Water Quickies for September
Fall Fertilizing is Best for Lawns
Feeding Baby during the First Year
Healthy Eating: Enjoy Nebraska Foods
10 Tips Spell F-O-O-D S-A-F-E-T-Y Success
Fridge Quiz!
Clarice’s Column
Household Hints: Fall Cleaning
September Family Community Education (FCE) Council Meeting
Children Who are Ready to Read and Learn
FCE Leader Training
FCE Reorganizational Packets
FCE Leader Training Lessons for 2002
Character Counts! Corner: Trustworthiness in the Workplace
Look at the Big Picture
Fair’s Over, Now What? Parent and Leader Meeting
Shooting Club and Class News
Award Nominations
4-H Achievement Night Award Winners for Horse Exhibitors
Needed: 4-H Ambassadors
4-H Bulletin Board
Scholarships Available
2001 Ak-Sar-Ben Youth Exhibition Schedule of Events
It’s Time to Reorganize!
Awards Book Evaluation – We need your help!
2 Year 4-H Leaders
10 Year 4-H Leaders
15 Year 4-H Leaders
20 Year 4-H Leaders
Free Speech—From the University of Nebraska
New Staff At Extension Office
“Public Notice”
Helping a Loved One Work Through Anger
How well do you know your child?
How well do you know your parents?
How to Talk to Creditors
4-H School Enrichment Staff Development
The “Right Stuff”
Character Education: A Conference for Elementary Educators and Community Partners
Extension Calendar
How Can I Celebrate?

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