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June 2002


Published by Nebraska Extension in Lancaster County, 444 Cherrycreek Road, Suite A, Lincoln, Nebraska 68528 United States, +1-402-441-7180, http://lancaster.unl.edu


Published by University of Nebraska – Lincoln Extension in Lancaster County, 444 Cherrycreek Road, Suite A, Lincoln, NE 68528-1507, (402) 441-7180. http://lancaster.unl.edu


NFBA Helps Producers Analyze Their Farming Business
Local Grower Turns to Barley Straw as an Alternative Crop
Propagation of Shrubs from Softwood Cuttings
Bindweed Season is Here
Night Blooming Flowers Offer Evening Enjoyment
2002 June/July Garden Calendar
See a Roach? Identify it Before you Spray
EQIP Works With Producers to Conserve Natural Resources
Are Carpenter Ants Killing My Trees?
EPA Urges Caution When Using Disinfectants in Ducts
Controlling Algae in Ponds and Lakes
Pesticide Container Recycling
Sample Your Hay to Get Accurate Nutrient Analyses
Wildflowers and Native Plants
Some Wood Mulches Can Encourage Turf Mushrooms
Control of Smooth Sumac
Check for Bagworms
Food Safety and Salads
Healthy Eating: Enjoy Nebraska Foods
Words of Wisdom
Do I Pay the Utility Bill or Do I Feed My Family?
Lines from Lynn
Household Hints: Five Ways to Prevent a Fall
Sizzling Summer Sampler Monday, July 15
Dads Important in Children’s Lives
Laugh for a Healthy Life
Credit Cards and College Students
Character Counts! Corner: The S.T.A.R. Process
4-H Bulletin Board
4-H Centennial Theme Night at Saltdogs July 12
Health Officials Wants Dead Birds to Help Determine Presence of West Nile Virus
Gearing Up for 2002 Lancaster County Fair
County Fair Contests
Prevent Crime the Pro-Active Way
June is National Safety Month
Partial Listing of Suspicious Activities To Watch For In Your Neighborhood
Cultural Insights: Water Resources in Iraq
Visit 4-H Embryology Egg Cam!
4-H Summer Camps
2002 Household Hazardous Waste Collections
Wanted: 4-H Alumni for First Pitch at Saltdogs July 12
Extension Calendar