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November 2002


Published by Nebraska Extension in Lancaster County, 444 Cherrycreek Road, Suite A, Lincoln, Nebraska 68528 United States, +1-402-441-7180, http://lancaster.unl.edu


Published by University of Nebraska – Lincoln Extension in Lancaster County, 444 Cherrycreek Road, Suite A, Lincoln, NE 68528-1507, (402) 441-7180. http://lancaster.unl.edu


Families - The Backbone of Neighborhoods
Community Partnerships Help Build
Strong Families & Neighborhoods
Make a Holiday Wreath
Cyclamen care
Winter Care of Houseplants
2002 November/December Garden Calendar
Horticulture Information Center
Carbon Monoxide: The Hidden Killer
Prevent Carbon Monoxide Poisoning from Small Gasoline-Powered Engines and Tools
Reduce Costs and Increase Yields with Biosolids!
Enjoying Your Backyard Wildlife
Neighborhood Cats
Aflatoxin in Corn - What can be Done?
Crop Protection Clinic Jan. 10
Feeding Value of Drought- Stricken Corn Grain for Swine Not Affected
Fall Brings Garden Clean-up
Sales Tax on Tree Planting Services
Use Energy More Efficiently, Cut Heating Costs
Christmas Trees are Renewable Resources
Latest U.S. Drought Monitor Map
Thanksgiving Turkey Tips
Healthy Eating: Enjoy Nebraska Foods
Holiday Indulging Without Bulging
Food Safety Habits
Web Resources for the Holidays
Lines from Lynn
Household Hints: Holiday Stain Removal
The “Holiday” Season
Family Community Education (FCE) Leader Training Lesson
Preserve Memories with Proper Photo Care
Character Counts! Corner: Caring Can Be Taught
4-H! A Great Experience!
Holiday Gifts Needed
4-H CAN Fight Hunger
State Horse Show Contests Change
Music Contest and Family & Consumer Science Judging Contest are Retired
Nominate Your Favorite 4-H Volunteer!
Service Learning Conferences
Kansas City 4-H Global Conference
Family and Consumer Science Superintendents Needed!
4-H Bulletin Board
4-H Clubs - Consider Adopting a Highway...
5th & 6th Grade Lock-In
Neighborhoods as Communities of Interest - Part II
Jan Madsen Named County/ City Volunteer of the Month
Grantsmanship Training Scheduled for 2003
Think Campus Visit When Preparing for College
Cultural Insights: Fasting and Ramadan
Getting Kids to Help
Extension Calendar