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September 2004


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What if You Could Access Extension’s Educational Resources at the Push of a Button?
Sorting Through Internet Clutter
What Users Are Saying
Garden Guide: Things to do this month
Good, Low-Maintenance Trees to Plant
Herbal Festival
Aster Yellows on Purple Coneflower
Ladybugs, Ladybugs, Fly Away Home! Please!
Composting Indoors with Worms
Upcoming Household Hazardous Waste Collections
Packed Lunch Pizzazz!
Sports Mix Recipe
Adding A Rainbow To Your Diet
President’s Notes — Janet’s Jargon
Household Hints: Chill Out with an Efficient Fridge
FCE News & Events
Stress Affects Adolescents Too
Plan Now for Holiday Spending
St. Johnswort is Increasing in Eastern Nebraska
“Windbreak Design & Maintenance” is September Rural Living Clinic
Fall is a Good Time to Control Problem Weeds
Deep Watering in Fall can Prevent Tree Death
Drinking Water: Hydrogen Sulfide
Watch for Saltcedar in Wetland Habitats
Latest U.S. Drought Monitor Map
How Much Hay to Stock
2004 Lancaster County Fair
Julie Thomson and James Walla
4-H Award Nominations Due Oct. 31
4-H Scholarships Due Oct. 31
Recognize the Outstanding Youth in Your Community!
4-H Shooting Sports Recertification Training Sept. 11
4-H Teen Council Invites New Members!
“Fair’s Over, Now What?” Parent/Leader Training Sept. 23
4-H Council Positions Open — Opportunity for Adults and Youth to Contribute to 4-H
Building Community-Schools Relations
Extension Calendar
55 ALIVE Driver Safety Course Sept. 14 & 15
School Aged Care Alliance Conference Oct. 9
2004 Make It Yourself with Wool Contest
More in ’04 at the Lancaster County Fair!
Dedication of 4-H & FFA Veteran’s Memorial

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