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Proper Timing Crucial for Bagworm Control
Enjoy Eating Locally Grown Foods!
Drink Your “D” with Dairy
Resurgence in Farmers’ Markets is Good News
Follow Guidelines when Selling Crops Directly to Consumers
Ten Lawn Irrigation Tips
Determining and Sharing Irrigation Costs
When to Harvest Bromegrass Hay
Family & Community Education (FCE) Clubs: Presidents’ View—Bonnie’s Bits
FCE News & Events
Household Hints: Air Conditioner Maintenance
June — National Safety Month
Ten Tips for Fertilizing Your Lawn
Bagworms on a Variety of Plants
Bed Bug Bites
Bed Bug Interceptors
4-H Life Challenge Contests
Lancaster County 4-H Horse VIPS Pre-Districts Format Clinic/Show/Fundraiser
4-H Clover College
June's Heart of 4-H Award Winner: Quentin Farley
Extension News: "Spotlight on 4-H Newsletter" Receives National Award
4-H Speech & PSA Contest Winners
Extension is Now on Popular Social Media Sites
Attracting Wildlife: American Goldfinch
U.S. Drought Monitor Map

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