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Spring 3-2015


A Message from Jim Lewis, pg. 2

By the Numbers, pg. 4

2014 Nebraska Summit on Math and Science Education, pg. 6

Primarily Math Featured Teacher: Kristine Ray, pg. 8

Overview, pg. 10

Program and Certificate, pg. 11

Featured Teacher: Gwen Schultz, pg. 13

Research: Impact on Teachers, pg. 14

Featured Teacher: Allie Elsasser, pg. 18

Research: Impact on Students, pg. 19

Featured Teacher: Kristy Kennedy, pg. 21

Featured Teacher: Marni Driessen, pg. 22

Math Studio, pg. 23

Featured Teacher: Jennifer Kaminski, pg. 26

Math Early On, pg. 27

Featured Teacher: Andrew Boone, pg. 28

Nebraska Algebra and New Teacher Network Overview, pg. 29

Featured Teacher: Tony Jacobsen, pg. 30

Featured Teacher: Karen Clinch, pg. 33

Master of Arts for Teachers, pg. 34

Nebraska Math and Science Summer Institutes Overview, pg. 36

School of Rock, pg. 38

Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship, pg. 40

Featured Teacher: Susie Katt, pg. 42

Sustaining NebraskaMATH Momentum pg. 43

NebraskaMATH Teachers, pg. 45

NebraskaMATH Leadership, pg. 51

NebraskaMATH Instructors, pg. 52

NebraskaMATH Dissertations, pg. 54

NebraskaMATH Publications and Products, pg. 56