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Exceeding expectations: Primarily Math overview, pg. 3

Realizing her full potential: Marni Driessen, pg. 6

Taking on math’s ‘big’ ideas: Kristy Kennedy, pg. 8

Making a greater impact: Alysia Augustus, pg. 10

Working as a team pays off: Cindy Beaman, Dana Henry and Amber

Woitaszewski, pg. 12

Stretching her skills in math: Amy Davidson, pg. 14

Rethinking and reaffirming: Frances Merica, pg. 15

Connecting school to home: Allie Guiney, pg. 16

Leadership roles take shape: Lacey Konwinski, pg. 18

Learning value of listening: Andrew Boone, pg. 19

‘There is no fear of failing’: Jessica Tewalt, pg. 20

Coaches’ impact visible, pg. 22

Encouraging results: Primarily Math research, pg. 24

Dissertations, pg. 30

Primarily Math Cohort 1, pg. 31

Primarily Math Cohort 2, pg. 32

Primarily Math Cohort 3 LPS, pg. 33

Primarily Math Cohort 3 West, pg. 34

Primarily Math Cohort 4 ESU 3, pg. 35

Primarily Math Cohort 4 Lincoln, pg. 36

Primarily Math Cohort 4 Omaha, pg. 37

Primarily Math Leadership and Instructors, pg. 38

Primarily Math’s K-3 Math Specialist Certificate Program, pg. 40