Nebraskiana: Resources and Materials on the 37th State


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The Bryologist (March 1924) 17(2): 26-31.


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The present paper is the result of investigations carried on from the spring of 1921 to the present time. Most of the species from Lincoln and Weeping Water, and some from Peru and Platte River, which were new to the state, were collected by the writer, while credit is due to Dr. Elda R. Walker, Miss Leva B. Walker, Miss Dorothy Duff, Miss Julia Joyce Harper, Mr. N. F. Petersen, Mr. S. G. Oyler, and Mr. A. E. Holch for collections from Cherry County, Peru, Platte River, and Plainview, Nebraska.

All identifications, including the specimens originally in the Herbarium of the University of Nebraska, have been verified or corrected; the pleurocarpous species by Dr. A. J. Grout and the acrocarpous species by Dr. J. M. Holzinger. Specimens of each species listed may be found in the University Herbarium.

The moss flora of Nebraska is probably far more varied and extensive than this list indicates, as only a comparatively small part of the total area of the state has been investigated. Practically every intensive collecting trip results in the addition of from one to several species new to the state. The southeastern corner of Nebraska is the only region which has been at all thoroughly studied and it, in all probability, contains only a small fraction of the bryophyte flora as a whole.

Scattered throughout the sandhills region are many lakes in which mosses abound in habitats which vary from open water, through reed swamp and sedge meadow, to drier upland. The species are very numerous and although relatively little work has been done, collecting here always proves very profitable.

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