Nebraskiana: Resources and Materials on the 37th State


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UNIVERSITY OF KANSAS PUBLICATIONS, MUSEUM OF NATURAL HISTORY, Volume 16, No.1, pp. 1-356, pIs. 1-4, 82 figs. October 1, 1964







Geology and Physiography


Effects of Man on The Envmonment

Factors Influencing Distribution And Speciation

Wisconsin Glaciation And Post-Wisconsin Climates

Emigration of Recent Mammals To Nebraska

Some Effects of The Environment

The Missouri River as a Barrier to Dispersal

Geographic Varlatlon and Speciation

Mammalian Distributional Areas


Treatment and Acknowledgments

Checklist (with page references) of Mammals of Nebraska

Accounts of Species

Introduced Mammals

Species of Unverified occurrence

Type Localities

Literature Cited

● Order MARSUPIALIA-Marsupials ● ● Family DIDELPHIDAE-Opossums ● Didelphis marsupialis virginiana Kerr (Opossum) ● Order INSECTIVORA-Insectivores ● Family SORICIDAE-Shrews ● Sorex cinereus haydeni Baird (Masked Shrew) ● Blarina brevicauda brevicauda (Say) (Short-tailed Shrew) ● Blarina brevicauda carolinensis (Bachman) (Short-tailed Shrew) ● Cryptotis paroa parva (Say) (Least Shrew) ● Family TALPIDAE-Moles ● Scalopus aquaticus caryi Jackson (Eastern Mole) ● Scalopus aquaticus machrinoides Jackson (Eastern Mole) ● Order CHIROPTERA-Bats ● Family VESPERTILIONIDAE-Vespertilionid Bats ● Myotis evotis evotis (H Allen) (Long-eared Myotis) ● Myotis keenii septentnonalis (Trouessart) (Keen's Myotis) ● Myotis lucifugus canssima Thomas (Little Brown Myotis) ● Myotis lucifugus lucifugus (Le Conte) (Little Brown Myotis) ● Myotis subulatus stlbulatus (Say) (Small-footed Myotis) ● Myotis volans interior Miller (Long-legged Myotis) ● Lasionycteris noctivagans (Le Conte) (Silver-haired Bat) , ● Pipistrellus subflavus subf/avus (F Cuvier) (Eastern Pipistrelle) ● Eptesicus fuscus fuscus (Palisot de Beauvois) (Big Brown Bat) ● Eptesicus fuscus pallidus Young (Big Brown Bat) ● LasiUTUS borealis borealis (M tiller) (Red Bat) ● LasionycUTUS cinereus cinereus (Palisot de Beauvois) (Hoary Bat) ● Nycticeius humeralis humeralis (Rafinesque) (Evening Bat) ● Family MOLossIDAE-Free-tailed Bats ● Tadarida brasiliensis mexicana (Saussure) (Brazilian Free-tailed Bat) ● Order LAGOMORPHA-Hares, Rabbits and Pikas ● Family LEPORIDAE-Hares and Rabbits ● °Oryctolagus cuniculus (Linnaeus) (European Rabbit) ● SylviZagus audubonii baileyi (Merriam) (Desert Cottontail) ● Sylvilagus /loridanus mearnsii (J A Allen) (Eastern Cottontail) ● Sylvilagus floridanus similis Nelson (Eastern Cottontail) ● Lepus califomicus meZanotis Mearns (Black-tailed Jackrabbit) ● Lepus townsendii campanius Hollister (White-tailed Jackrabbit) ● Order RODENTIA-Rodents ● Family SCIURIDAE-Squirrels and Allies ● Tamias striatus griseus Mearns (Eastern Chipmunk) ● Eutamias minimus pallidus A Allen) (Least Chipmunk) ● Marmota monax bunkeri Black (Woodchuck) ● Spermophilus franklinii (Sabine) (Franklin's Ground Squirrel) ● Spermophilus richardsonii elegans Kennicott ( Richardson's Ground Squirrel) ● Spermophilus spilosoma obsoletus Kennicott (Spotted Ground Squirrel) ● Spermophilus tridecemlineatus pallidus J A Allen (Thirteen-lined Ground Squirrel) ● Spermophilus tridecemlineatus tridecemlineatus (Mitchill) (Thirteenlined ● Ground Squirrel) ● Cynomys ludovicianus ludovicianus (Ord) (Black-tailed Prairie Dog) ● Sciurus carolinensis pennsylvanicus Ord (Gray Squirrel) ● Sciurus niger TU/iventer :E: Geoffroy St-Hilaire (Fox Squirrel) ● Glaucomys volans volans (Linnaeus) (Southern Flying Squirrel) ● Family GEOMYIDAE-Pocket Gophers ● Thomomys talpoides cheyennensis Swenk (Northern Pocket Gopher) ● Thomomys talpoides pierreicolus Swenk (Northern Pocket Gopher) ● Geomys bursarius lutescens Merriam (Plains Pocket Gopher) ● Geomys bursarius majusculus Swenk (Plains Pocket Gopher) ● Family HETEROMYIDAE-Pocket Mice and Kangaroo Rats ● Perognathus fasciatus fasciatus Wied-Neuwied (Olive-backed Pocket Mouse) ● Perognathus fasciatus olivaceogriseus Swenk (Olive-backed Pocket Mouse) ● Perognathus flavescens flavescens Merriam (Plains Pocket Mouse) ● Perognathus flavescens pemiger Osgood (Plains Pocket Mouse) ● Perognathus flavus piperi Goldman (Silky Pocket Mouse) ● Perognathus hispidus paradoxus Merrlam (Hispid Pocket Mouse) ● Perognathus hispidus spilotus Merriam (Hispid Pocket Mouse) ● Dipodomys ordii luteolus (Goldman) (Ord's Kangaroo Rat) ● Dipodomys ordii richardsoni A Allen) (Ord's Kangaroo Rat) ● Family CASTORIDAE-Beavers ● Castor canadensis missouriensis V Bailey (Beaver) ● Family CRIcETIDAE-Native Rats and Mice ● Reithrodontomys megalotis dychei J A Allen (Western Harvest ● Mouse) ● Reithrodontomys montanus albescens Cary (Plains Harvest Mouse) ● Reithrodontomys montanus griseus V Bailey (Plains Harvest Mouse) ● Peromyscus leucopu,s aridulus Osgood (White-f~t~d Mouse) ● Peromyscus leucopus noveboracensis (Fischer) (White-footed Mouse) ● Peromyscus maniculatus bairdii (Hoy and Kennicott) (Deer Mouse) ● Peromyscus maniculatus luteus Osgood (Deer Mouse) ● PerOmYscus maniculatus nebrascensis (Coues) (Deer Mouse) ● Onychomys leucogaster arcticeps Rhoads (Northern Grasshopper Mouse) ● Onychomys leucogaster breviauritus Hollister (Northern Grasshopper Mouse) ● Sigmodon hispidus texianus (Audubon and Bachman) (Hispid Cotton Rat) ● Neotoma cinerea rupicola J A Allen (Bushy-tailed Woodrat) ● Neotoma floridana baileyi Merriam (Eastern Woodrat) ● Neotoma floridana campestris J A Allen (Eastern Woodrat) ● Synaptomys cooperi gossii (Coues) (Southern-Bog Lemming) ● Synaptomys cooperi relictus Jones (Southern Bog Lemming) ● Jrficrotus ochrogaster haydenii (Baird) (Prairie Vole) ● Microtus ochrogaster ochrogaster (Wagner) (Prairie Vole) ● Microtus pennsylvanicus finitus Anderson (Meadow Vole) ● Microtus pennsylvanicus pennsylvanicus (Ord) (Meadow Vole) ● Microtus pinetorum nemoralis V Bailey (Woodland Vole) ● Ondatra zibethicus cinnamominus (Hollister) (Muskrat) ● *Family MURIDAE-Old World Rats and Mice ● *Mus musculus Linnaeus (House Mouse) ● *Rattus floroegicus (Berkenhout) (Norway Rat) ● Family ZAPODIDAE-Jumping Mice ● Zapus hudsonius pallidus Cockrum and Baker (Meadow Jumping Mouse) ● *Family CAPROMYIDAE-Nutria and Allies ● *Myocastor coypus (Molina) (Nutria or Coypu) ● Family ERETlDZoNTIDAE-Porcupines ● Erethizon dorsatum bruneri Swenk (Porcupine) ● Order CARNIVORA-Carnivores ● Family CANIDAE-Coyote, Wolves and Foxes ● Canis latrans latrans Say (Coyote) ● Canis lupus nubilus Say (Gray Wolf) ● Vulpes velox velox (Say) (Swift Fox) ● Vulpes wIpes regalis Merriam (Red Fox) ● Urof!Yon cinereoargenteus ocythous Bangs (Gray Fox) ● Family URSIDAE-Bears ● Ursus americanus americanus Pallas (Black Bear) ● Ursus horribilis horribilis Ord (Grizzly Bear) ● Family PROCyoNIDAE-Raccoon and Allies ● Procyon lotor hirtus Nelson and Goldman (Raccoon) ● Family MusTELIDAE-Weasels, Skunks and Allies ● Mustela frenata longicauda Bonaparte (Long-tailed Weasel) ● Mustela frenata primulina Jackson (Long-tailed Weasel) ● Mustela frenata spadix (Bangs) (Long-tailed Weasel) ● Mustela nigripes (Audubon and Bachman) (Black-footed Ferret) ● Mustela nivalis cainpeStris Jackson (Least Weasel) ● M ustela vison letifera Hollister (Mink) ● Gulo luscus luscus (Linnaeus) (Wolverine) ● Taxidea taxus taxus (Schreber) (Badger) ● Spilogale putorius interrupta (Rafinesque) (Spotted Skunk) ● Mephitis mephitis hudsonica Richardson (Striped Skunk) ● Lutra canadensis interior Swenk (Otter) ● Family FELIDAE-Cats ● Felis concolor hippolestes Merriam (Mountain Lion) ● Lynx canadensis canadensis Kerr (Lynx) ● Lynx rufus rufus (Schreber) (Bobcat) ● Order ARTIODACTYLA-Even-toed Ungulates ● Family CERvIDAE-Wapiti, Deer and Allies ● Cerous canadensis canadensis Erxleben (Wapiti) ● Odocoileus hemionus hemionus (Rafinesque) (Mule Deer) ● Odocoileus virginianus macrourus (Rafinesque) (White-tailed Deer) ● *Dama dama (Linnaeus) (Fallow Deer) ● Family ANnLocAPRIDAE-Pronghorn ● Antilocapra americana americana (Ord) (Pronghorn) ● Family BovIDAE-Bovids ● Bison bison bison (Linnaeus) (Bison) ● Ovis canadensis auduboni Merriam (Mountain Sheep)

*= introduced species