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Robert W. Furnas, Annual Report, Nebraska State Board of Agriculture for the year 1904 (Lincoln, NE: the Society, 1905).


  1. During the first century or so of statehood, the Board served as the state agency promoting agriculture and agricultural research in Nebraska much as the State Department of Agriculture does now. It was also responsible for running the annual state fair.
  2. Robert Furnas, was the longtime secretary of the Board. In the territorial legislature he had submitted the legislation creating the Board, and he served as a founding member. He was one of the first governors of the state of Nebraska and a past president of the Board. Furnas died on June 1, 1905. A so-called “autobiography” of Governor Furnas is included in this volume, pages 138-141.
  3. Apparently Furnas had submitted his report, but died while the document was being assembled for printing. On June 10, 1905, the Board held a special meeting to memorialize Furnas and to cause his biography to be included.
  4. The report of the state botanist, Charles E. Bessey, “The Grasses of Nebraska,” pages 175-188 in this report, is available in the UNL Digital Commons as:
  5. The Report of the Department of Archeology, Nebraska State Historical Society for 1903 and 1904, by E. E. Blackman, the state archeologist, is available in the UNL Digital Commons as:

The pages following many of the illustrations were blank but they were counted in the page numbering. Blanks pages were not digitized.


This report contains detailed information about the activities of the Nebraska State Board of Agriculture including information about meeting and activities, reports, and expenditures. The report is illustrated with pictures of the board members, Nebraska exhibits at the World’s Fair in St Louis, agricultural research facilities, the results of scientific experiments, prize winning horses, pigs, and other farm animals, maps, and bucolic scenes.

In addition, the volume contains reports from various state agencies and officials as well as miscellaneous agriculture related documents. The volume contains a detailed index, pages 393 – 400.

The assorted documents contained in this document include.


137 Autobiography of Robert Wilkins Furnas

145 Nebraska Crop and Other Reports, 1904 … Report of the Auditor of Public Accounts

175 Report of the Botanist, Charles E. Bessey, “The Grasses of Nebraska.”

200 Diseases of Alfalfa and Clover by Charles E Quinn

207 Report of the Department of Archeology, Nebraska State Historical Society for 1903 and 1904, by E.E. Blackman, Archeologist

232 Report of the Veterinarian, A. T. Peters, “Tuberculosis”

239 Biennial Report of the Nebraska Game and Fish Commission of the State of Nebraska for

1903 and 1904

241 Report of the Game and Fish Commission

243 Superintendent’s Report State Fish Hatcheries

271 Nebraska Dairy Industry by S.C. Bessett, Secretary Nebraska Dairy Association

275 Pasture, Meadow, and Forage Crops in Nebraska

325 Challenger’s Feeding by H.R. Smith in the Breeder’s Gazette

334 A Test of Calf Rations by A.L. Haecker

340 Method of Controlling Contamination of Milk during Milking by A.L. Haeker and C.W. Melick

346 Kherson Oats by T.L. Lyon

351 Forestry and Lumber Supply

365 Dairy Exhibit at the World’s Fair by L.D. Stillson

367 Side Lights for the Dairy Department, World’s Fair at St Louis S.D. Stillman

370 Hints on Profitable Dairying by Henry C. Glissman

374 Necessity for Grading Cream at Cream Receiving Stations by C. H. Hinman

384 The Importance of Alfalfa to the Dairy Industry of the State by S. C. Bassett

386 “The Common Cow,” by Prof. T. L. Haecker of Minnesota

389 “Co-Operative Tests of Dairy Herds,” Prof. T. L. Haecker