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Winter 2006

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THE NEBRASKA TRANSCRIPT is published by The University of Nebraska College of Law P.O. Box 830902 Lincoln, NE 68583·0902

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2 Five New Faculty Members Bring Variety of Experiences

Career Transitions: Tasha Everman Replaces Notre-Dame-Bound Carla DeVelder as Career Services Director

College Has New Look

McHenry Landscapes Show "This is Nebraska's Law School"

Limerick Summer Program Gives Students Opportunity to Study Comparative Law in Ireland

Harris: "Why Plessy v. Fergusion Is Still Good Law"

Congratulations, Class of 2005!

Rosales Leaves Law College With Mission To Help Others

Family Tradition Ceremony

Seeking Justice: Prof. Alicia Henderson's Tenure Lecture

Alumni Council Awards Honor Distinguished Achievements

Class of 1955 50-Year Reunion Features Camaraderie, Memories

Kratz: White Collar Crime Specialist Founds Global Pro Bono Initiative

From Chappell to San Diego, Wertzes Inspire Each Other

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