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World's First Law-Psych Program, with Its Integrative Approach. Continues to Rank Among Best
Law-Psychology Program Attracts Students Worldwide
Trial Consultant Uses His Training To Help Lawyers Be Successful
Juries & Civil Justice: Law-Psychology's Program of Excellence Conference Seeks to Improve Understanding of Jury Process
Utah Connection: Thanks to Efforts of Prof. Marty Gardner, Many Utah Students Attend Law School in Lincoln
Constitution Day: University 'Celebrates' the Constitution Even While Calling Into Question Constitutionality of Its Day
The World of Public Interest Law: Students Breaking the Mold
The New Nebraska Rules of Professional Conduct: A Brief Overview
"Hope for a Global Ethic"; Professor Brian Lepard's Book Finds Hope in Ethical Principles Shared by World 's Great Religions
Kalish. Snowden Retire: Law College Professors Brought Historical, Political Perspective to Their Teaching Interdisciplinary
Perspectives on Multidisciplinary Practice
Love for International Business Leads to Morrison Scholarship

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