The New England Faculty Development Consortium is a not-for-profit, regional organization dedicated to enhancing the professional development of faculty and administrators committed to excellence in teaching and learning. It is composed of institutional members from private and public colleges and universities throughout New England. The organization is run by a Board of Directors, which is formed with representatives from the membership.

Each year NEFDC sponsors two conferences featuring workshops, networking opportunities, and a keynote presentation relevant to faculty and staff interested in teaching and learning. The Consortium also publishes The Exchange, which offers articles related to the upcoming or past conference theme, reports on faculty development opportunities throughout the region, highlights faculty development programs at various schools, and provides resources (materials and consultation) for members.

Founded in 1998, the NEFDC evolved from the work of individuals engaged in faculty development at a number of Massachusetts colleges and universities. Members recognized the value to be gained from a network specifically dedicated to sharing resources and collaborating regionally to sponsor faculty development activities.

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