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The NIC Food Innovation Center is a 178,000 square foot complex that houses the University of Nebraska–Lincoln Food Science and Technology Department, ConAgra Foods, Inc. and other private companies.

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  • [0:00] (mellow guitar music)
  • [0:04] The Food Processing Center is focused on providing
  • [0:08] tools and services, and expertise for the food industry.
  • [0:12] And not only do we serve the food industry
  • [0:15] here in the state of Nebraska,
  • [0:17] but we feel that our programs have a global reach.
  • [0:21] Our clients range from startup food companies
  • [0:24] who are just getting off the ground,
  • [0:26] all the way to the biggest of food companies
  • [0:29] who are looking at new technology, or pieces of equipment,
  • [0:32] or services that they don't have in-house.
  • [0:35] We started working in this facility back in 2006,
  • [0:40] for developing this low-sodium salt.
  • [0:43] That process we developed here in the Food Innovation Center
  • [0:46] helped us to go into the market.
  • [0:48] This facility has seven different pilot plants
  • [0:51] that set it apart from many of it's competitors
  • [0:54] around the country.
  • [0:55] So we have over 18,000 square feet
  • [0:58] of pilot plant capability, and that includes
  • [1:01] a general plant that has kettles,
  • [1:04] and baking, and dough sheeting and mixing.
  • [1:08] We also have retort and spray dryers.
  • [1:11] We have a dedicated extrusion plant that is world class.
  • [1:15] We have a high-pressure pasteurizing plant.
  • [1:18] A good thing is, with the pilot plant is,
  • [1:21] we can work with the small quantities
  • [1:24] before we go into bulk capacity for testing that.
  • [1:28] We have the Department of Food Science and Technology,
  • [1:31] their academic program, that's here on Innovation Campus.
  • [1:36] We also have the Food Allergy Research and Resource Program.
  • [1:41] And then we have the other research and extension,
  • [1:44] the outreach, other programs that are typically found
  • [1:47] with an academic program at a land grant university.
  • [1:51] This is an excellent opportunity for us,
  • [1:53] and it's excellent facilities.
  • [1:55] And we work with the different faculties
  • [1:57] here in the department, and across the university as well.
  • [2:02] One of our main goals is to help Nebraska
  • [2:05] elevate itself economically.
  • [2:07] Create more jobs by having food companies locate here,
  • [2:11] grow here, expand here.
  • [2:14] The campus is new and vibrant,
  • [2:16] it is excellent opportunity for us, being here.
  • [2:19] (upbeat guitar music)

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