Nebraska Network 21


Date of this Version

February 1999


During 1998 the NN21 Food Systems in 2020 Action Team at the University of Nebraska sponsored two symposiums to stimulate thinking and discussion about the nature of the food system that will evolve by the year 2020, and the potential role of the University of Nebraska in shaping that system and educating people to participate effectively in it. The first symposium, "The Food System for 2020: Nebraska's Opportunities", was held on January 14, with approximately 185 in attendance. The program (attached as Appendix 1) was intended to bring to bear some of the best thinking in the country about how the agricultural and food systems might change. The second symposium, "Insuring Opportunity in Food Systems: The Role of the Land Grant University", was held on November 11. Its purpose was to provide an opportunity to identify priority opportunities for UNL to better serve needs for education and research in the food system of 2020.