Nebraska Network 21


Date of this Version

October 1995


8-page brochure from Nebraska Network 21, October 1995. A text-readable version follows the pages images of the brochure.


What do we want Nebraska's communities, educational institutions, and programs of study to look like in the year 2020? What is the ideal vision of food systems and food systems education in Nebraska for the twenty-first century? In 1994, with the support of the W. K. Kellogg Foundation and with leadership from the University of Nebraska, we initiated a process in Nebraska to discover our individual and collective dreams and aspirations for the future.

Over 800 Nebraskans attended workshops in Scottsbluff, North Platte, Grand Island, Norfolk, Omaha, and Lincoln. Business people, educators, producers, and students--people of diverse ages, ethnicity, and cultures met together to design their preferred visions for the future.

The Vision Statement for 2020 "Communities of Learning" embodies the themes heard in the these sessions and follow-up conferences. In implementing this vision, many partners are needed: faculty and students in the university, leaders in Nebraska's community and state colleges and from other educational institutions; men and women from business, agricultural production, and government; and people of all ages bringing a wide variety of perspectives. Our hope is that the actions we take together will lead Nebraska toward achieving this vision.