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Cell Reports 24, 1050–1059, July 24, 2018



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Development of an effective vaccine became a worldwide priority after the devastating 2013–2016 Ebola disease outbreak. To qualitatively profile the humoral response against advanced filovirus vaccine candidates, we developed Domain Programmable Arrays (DPA), a systems serology platform to identify epitopes targeted after vaccination or filovirus infection. We optimized the assay using a panel of well-characterized monoclonal antibodies. After optimization, we utilized the system to longitudinally characterize the immunoglobulin (Ig) isotype-specific responses in non-human primates vaccinated with rVSV-ΔG-EBOV-glycoprotein (GP). Strikingly, we observed that, although the IgM response was directed against epitopes over the whole GP, the IgG and IgA responses were almost exclusively directed against the mucin-like domain (MLD) of the glycan cap. Further research will be needed to characterize this possible biased IgG and IgA response toward the MLD, but the results corroborate that DPA is a valuable tool to qualitatively measure the humoral response after vaccination.