USDA National Wildlife Research Center Symposia


Date of this Version

August 2000


On February 3, 1999, the president of the United States signed an Executive Order 13112 on invasive species. Each federal agency was directed to detect and respond rapidly to control populations of invasive species, monitor invasive species populations, provide for restoration of native species and habitat conditions, conduct research on invasive species and develop technologies to prevent their introduction, and promote public education on invasive species and the means to address them. The United States Department of Agriculture’s Wildlife Services Program fulfills a federal responsibility for helping solve problems which occur when human activity and wildlife, including invasive species, are in conflict with one another. This is accomplished through the recommendation and/or implementation of integrated pest management strategies (IPM). IPM strategies often involve both technical assistance and direct management. This paper provides a summary of 8 years of Wildlife Services involvement in the resolution of invasive species conflicts with agricultural resources, property, human health and safety, and natural resources.