USDA National Wildlife Research Center Symposia


Date of this Version

August 1995


Eared doves (Zenaida auriculata) damage mature sunflowers in Uruguay. Although repellents might be useful as a control method, durability and expense have discouraged their use. In the present report, we describe laboratory, aviary, and field research designed to evaluate methiocarb and calcium carbonate as durable, economical repellents. Calcium carbonate (CaCO3) was as effective as CaCO3 /methiocarb in combination in deterring consumption of sunflowers. Moreover, treating field borders with CaCO3 or the CaCO3 /methiocarb combination was as effective as treating the entire field for at least 12 days. This period is sufficiently long to deter damage to sunflower during the critical period just before harvest. We conclude that CaC03 can provide an economical tool to reduce bird damage to sunflower in Uruguay.