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Delivered May 13, 2002 at the Cornhusker Hotel, Lincoln.


Good afternoon. Thank you for asking me to be with you today; I welcome this opportunity to talk with you, to hear what you're thinking, and to participate with you in an exchange of ideas.

I've been asked to make some prepared remarks this afternoon, and when those are ended I welcome your ideas, your questions, and your comments. I look forward to more discussions with you at other times, as well. I do have open hours Friday afternoons, and encourage faculty and staff to stop by to visit, to share an idea, to ask a question, or to just visit. Sometimes duties call me away, as they will for the next few Fridays, but I try to be available as many Friday afternoons as possible for drop-in visitors. I hope you'll be among them. As a big believer in the land grant university, with our mission of teaching, research, and extension education, I also am a big believer that it takes all of us, working together, to fulfill that mission.

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