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Delivered April 21, 2003 at the 2003 IANR Team Award and Exemplary Service Award Presentations.


What a treat it is to be here today to celebrate the outstanding work of members of our IANR community.

It seems so much of our administrative time these days is spent dealing with difficult and joyless issues surrounding slashed budgets, lost programs, and the very real pain those engender. Perhaps it is that pain that doubles our joy when we have opportunities such as today to celebrate excellence. This afternoon we celebrate accomplishment in two ways with the IANR Team Award, and with the Exemplary Service Award.

We'll begin today with the IANR Team Award, which recognizes the importance of interdisciplinary team efforts in achieving the Institute's goals. Criteria include: 1) problem identification, team strategy, grant success; 2) productivity and impact and the output of the team in relation to inputs; 3) the team effort, and 4) the quality of the nomination.

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