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There are several economically significant crops grown in the Nebraska Panhandle. There are, collectively, in excess of 2 million acres in corn, wheat, sorghum, proso millet, dry edible beans, sunflowers, and alfalfa hay in the area. There are some unique geographic, ecological and demographic features that influence crop prices in the area. This publication provides a basic price analysis for the crops in the Nebraska Panhandle to help growers to be able to make informed marketing and production decisions. Wheat and corn are the two largest crops in terms of acreage in the region, followed by alfalfa hay. Wheat and corn are both traded on the futures market and we compare local cash prices to national futures prices to establish local basis. The remaining crops ( sorghum, proso millet, dry beans, sunflowers, and alfalfa hay) do not have an underlying futures contract and in some cases there is limited price information available. The price analysis has been done using regional prices for all crops where such data is available. The goal of this publication is to show what has happened to the prices of these commodities over time and to identify predictable seasonal patterns. Average annual prices for all listed crops were lower in 1999-2000 than in the previous year. This has lowered the five year average prices across all the crops for the second consecutive year.