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Published in Journal of Animal Science, Vol. 58, No. 5, 1984. Used by permission.


Five trials in five locations in the United States involving 512 steers were conducted to evaluate the effect of monensin [200 mg/d in .9 kg of supplement (Rumensin)] and estradiol- controlled release implants (Compudose) administered alone and in combination on average daily gain (ADG) in steers on pasture. The effect of energy supplementation on rate of gain was also evaluated in these same trials. The initial weight of steers averaged 250 kg and the average duration of the five trials was 124 d. Estradiol-controlled release implants increased ADG by 15.6% (.095 kg/d; P<.0001) and monensin increased ADG by 8.1% (.054 kg/d; P<.05). The combination of estradiol-controlled release implant and monensin increased ADG by 27.4% (.I68 kg/d). Treatment responses were additive relative to ADG response, with no interaction observed between the treatments. Nine-tenths kilogram of an energy supplement/d increased ADG by 12.4% (.073 kg/d; P<.Ol).

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