Instructional Materials in Physics and Astronomy


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A Physical Science Module for Bioscience Students
Project Address: PSMBS, 213 Ferguson Hall, University of Nebraska,
Lincoln, NE 68588.


It is assumed that you have been introduced to the ideas of parametric descriptions of statistical data (e.g., mean, standard deviation, etc.) in the context of physical measurements. These concepts must be broadened and generalized in their interpretations when used in the context of biological data. It is the purpose of this module to introduce appropriate biological examples and employ them to generate and illustrate these broader notions of statistical analysis. Of particular interest will be questions such as: "What is it that the mean value of a data set seeks to represent when there is no 'true value ' underlying the measurements?" "What are the consequences of not being able to reduce data 'errors' (sic; better 'variability') by more careful measuring technique?"

Note: pages 22 & 35 are intentionally omitted.