Instructional Materials in Physics and Astronomy



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A Physical Science Module for Bioscience Students
Project Address: PSMBS, 213 Ferguson Hall, University of Nebraska,
Lincoln, NE 68588.


These instructional materials are produced as part of a study of bioscience applications in physics and manners of presenting them to interested students and instructors. You will aid this endeavor greatly if you try using these materials in one of the three use modes listed on the cover sheet of this guide, and by reporting your (and students') results in the appropriate questionnaire. It would also be useful to us for you to critically annotate the study materials as you (and students) read them (write on the document), and return these to the project office. Duplicate, fresh materials can be sent to you by return mail if you (or students) wish to have a reference copy for yourselves.

Notice that the manner of presentation of the material, as well as the content, is part of the study. Therefore, comments on and reactions to either content or pedagogy are desired.

If time permits, those making serious attempts to use these materials as instructional aids will be furnished with a supplement to this guide in the form of a revision, pointing out troublesome matters of pedagogy or content that have come to our attention from other users, as well as bugs that have been uncovered in the laboratory equipment or exercises. It is hoped thereby to overcome some (understandable) instructor reluctance to try materials in the development stage. It should be pointed out, however, at the outset that a considerable amount of testing has already gone into these materials, and we believe them to be quite useable as they are now.