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April 1991


Published in Journal of Applied Physics, 69:8 (15 April 1991), 4574-4576. DOI: 10.1063/1.348314
Copyright © 1991 The American Institute of Physics. Used by permission.
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Uranium-based compounds often show interesting magnetic properties and large polar Kerr rotations. Because of this, the wavelength and temperature dependencies of the polar Kerr rotation in several uranium-based compounds, including UMn2Ge2, UFe2, and UGa2, have been investigated. The Mn moments order ferromagnetically in UMn2Ge2 below 380 K, and while the U moments do not order ferromagnetically until the temperature is below 150 K. The measurements presented here show that the size of the Kerr rotation increases from 0.05° at room temperature to 0.15° when the U moments are ordered. The wavelength dependence of the Kerr rotation between 500 and 1000 nm is rather weak. UGa2 orders ferromagnetically at 130 K, and a Kerr rotation of 0.2° at 85 K and 632.8 nm can be measured, with the rotation increasing to 0.4° at 1000 nm. UFe2 orders ferromagnetically at 180 K, and the Kerr rotation (85 K, 632.8 nm) is 0.17°. These magnetic and optical properties are discussed in terms of the electronic states of uranium.

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