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April 1997


Published in Journal of Applied Physics, 81:8 (April 15, 1997), 5674. DOI: 10.1063/1.364692
Copyright © 1997 The American Institute of Physics. Used by permission.
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Optically thick films of MnPt3 were prepared by magnetron sputtering onto quartz substrates. Postdeposition annealing at 850 °C resulted in highly textured (111) films with the L12 (Cu3Au) structure. MnPt3 films are ferromagnetic with a Curie temperature of 380 °C, and they show large magneto-optical effects in the visible. These films also show a high degree of long-range order. The diagonal components of the dielectric tensor were determined using variable angle spectroscopic ellipsometry measurements over the spectral range 1.2–2.4 eV. Magneto-optic Kerr rotation and ellipticity measurements were made at near normal incidence over the spectral range 1.4–3.6 eV to determine the off-diagonal components of the MnPt3 dielectric tensor. First-principles electronic structure calculations were carried out for the ordered MnPt3 structure, and from these the components of the dielectric tensor were calculated. We find excellent agreement between the measured and calculated diagonal components, but only fair agreement for the off-diagonal components

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