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Published by American Physical Society. Phys. Rev. D 58, 052002 (1998). Copyright © 1998 American Physical Society. Permission to use.


Using a data sample with an integrated luminosity of 3.9 fb-1 collected in e+e- annihilation with the CLEO-II detector at the Cornell Electron Storage Ring, we have measured the branching ratios for the decay modes Ds+ → (η, η′)π+ and Ds+ → (η, η′)ρ+ relative to Ds+ → φπ+. These decay modes are among the most common hadronic decays of the Ds+, and can be related by factorization to the semileptonic decays Ds+ → (η, η′)+ν1 . The results obtained are compared with previous CLEO results and with the branching ratios measured for the related semileptonic decays. We also report results on the Cabibbo-suppressed decays of the D+ to the same final states.

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