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Published in PHYSICAL REVIEW D 81, 052012 (2010). Copyright © 2010 The American Physical Society. Used by permission.


We have used a sample of γ + 3 jets events collected by the D0 experiment with an integrated luminosity of about 1 fb-1 to determine the fraction of events with double parton scattering (fDP) in a single pp collision at √s = 1.96 TeV. The DP fraction and effective cross section (τeff ), a process-independent scale parameter related to the parton density inside the nucleon, are measured in three intervals of the second (ordered in pT) jet transverse momentum pjet2T within the range 15 ≤ pjet2T ≤ 30 GeV. In this range, fDP varies between 0.23 ≤ fDP ≤ 0.47, while σeff has the average value σave eff = 16.4 ± 0.3(stat) ± 2.3(syst) mb.

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