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May 1989


Published in the Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology A 7 (3), May/Jun 1989. Copyright © 1989 American Vacuum Society. Used by permission. For free online abstracts, see


The prospect of using chemical vapor deposition to deposit mixed metals and silicides from a single source compound is attractive but largely uninvestigated. Studies of decomposition energies of such compounds are nearly nonexistent. One such compound which has successfully been used to make a silicide coating is [Mn(CO)5 12 (μ-SiH2). We have used electron impact mass spectroscopy, photoionization mass spectroscopy, and photoabsorption to determine bond energies within this compound. The combination of methods allows a high degree of confidence in the resultant ionization and fragment appearance potentials. Some possible mechanisms of decomposition are discussed. A complete ionic decomposition thermodynamic cycle has been generated, and the results are used to illuminate the coating processes previously observed.

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