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May 1990


Published in the Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology A 8 (3), May/Jun 1090. Copyright © 1990 American Vacuum Society. Used by permission. For free online abstracts, see


We will illustrate how atom beam scattering (ABS) can be used to study the growth and ordering of adsorption of Hg on Cu(001). At low coverage (less than 2% of a monolayer), we obtain that the scattering cross section of He with (adsorbed) Hg is about 50 Å2. We find that mercury forms two stable phases on Cu(001) in the temperature range between 200 and 330 K, a c (2 x 2) and a high density c (4 x 4) phase. From ABS diffraction data, we can deduce the corrugation of the surface electron charge density of the mercury layer in the two ordered phases. From the analysis of our data, we obtain a Debye temperature for the Hg overlayer of about 115 K. We will report preliminary calculations on the adsorption energy of Hg on Cu (001) and on the interaction of He with a Hg preplated Cu(001) surface.

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