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May 1995


Published in Mat. Res. Soc. Symp. Proc. Vol. 375. © l995 Materials Research Society. Permission to use.


We have utilized Ginzberg-Landau mean field theory to analyze the branching ratio and soft X-ray magnetic circular dichroism measurements of the L3 and L2 adsorption edges of thin Mn overlayers on ferromagnetic fcc Co(001) at room temperature. We have determined a short range magnetic correlation of 4.25Å and that the long range magnetic order has a decay length of 1.29Å. These results indicate that the first monolayer of Mn ferromagnetically couple with the Co substrate. The paramagnetic Mn layer exhibits short range magnetic order, but lacks long range magnetic order. Due to the exponential decrease of both the branching ratio and dichroism signals, we have concluded that the magnetization of the Mn overlayer is substrate induced.

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