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Published by American Physical Society. Copyright 1993. Permission to use. Phys. Rev. B48 (1993) 5612–5619.


Hydrogen adsorption on Gd(0001) has been studied with angle-resolved photoemission. Hydrogen adsorption attenuates the surface state near EF on the clean Gd(0001) surfaces and induces two two-dimensional bands which are at 3.8 eV and about 6 eV near Γ¯. The state with the smaller binding energy has dz2 character at Γ¯ and disperses away from EF about 1 eV. The state at the greater binding energy disperses toward EF about 0.5–1 eV. At low substrate temperatures (120–130 K), the hydrogen chemisorption on the Gd(0001) surface results in a work-function decrease of 0.2 eV. The correlation between the changes of the surface electronic structure and the corresponding change in the surface magnetic ordering is discussed.

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