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February 1997


Published in Physical Review B 55, 3093 (1997). Copyright 1997 American Physical Society. Used by permission.


Optically thick films of MnPt3 were deposited on quartz using dc magnetron sputtering. The films were covered with an SiOx protective overcoat and annealed in vacuum at 850 °C for 1 h to form the crystalline L12 (Cu3Au) cubic structure. These films have a high degree of long-range order and are highly textured with the (111) axis along the film normal. Variable angle spectroscopic ellipsometry measurements were taken over the spectral range of 1.2–4.2 eV to determine the optical constants of both MnPt3 and the SiOx overcoat. Spectroscopic magneto-optic Kerr rotation and ellipticity measurements at near normal incidence over the spectral range of 1.4–3.6 eV were used to determine the off-diagonal dielectric tensor elements for MnPt3 . Firstprinciples electronic-structure calculations were carried out for the ordered MnPt3 structure and from these the dielectric tensor elements of MnPt3 were calculated. The experimental and theoretical values of the diagonal components of the dielectric tensor components are in good agreement. The agreement for the off-diagonal components of the dielectric tensor is only fair.[S0163-1829(97)04205-7]

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