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November 1995


Published in IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON MAGNETICS, VOL. 31, NO. 6 (1995). 0018-9464/95$04.00 © 1995 IEEE. Used by permission.


Magnetic and magneto-optical properties of MnxCuBi ( x = 0.75 - 3.5) thin films are presented. With increasing Mn concentration x, the perpendicular anisotropy constant (Ku the remanence squareness (S = Mr/Ms) and the coercivity (Hc)the perpendicular hysteresis loop increase. Remanence squareness as high as 0.95 has been obtained. Kerr rotation (θk) and ellipticity (ηk) spectra from all samples measured from substrate side are similar, with θk exhibiting a broad peak in the blue wavelength region with maximum Kerr rotation up to 0.7 degrees.

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