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Physics Letters B 718 (2013) 1024–1030


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We constrain the masses of scalar-tops (stop) by analyzing the new precision Tevatron measurement of the W-boson mass and the LHC/Tevatron indications of a Higgs boson of mass 125.5 ± 1 GeV. Our study adopts Natural SUSY with low fine-tuning, which has multi-TeV first- and second-generation squarks and a light Higgsino mixing parameter μ = 150 GeV. An effective Lagrangian calculation is made of mh to 3 loops using the H3m program with weak scale SUSY parameters obtained from RGE evolution from the GUT scale in the Natural SUSY scenario. The SUSY radiative corrections to the Higgs mass imply maximal off-diagonal elements of the stop mass matrix and a mass splitting of the two stops larger than 400 GeV.