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PHYSICAL REVIEW D 84, 091701(R) (2011)


Copyright 2011 American Physical Society

DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevD.84.091701


The Atlas and CMS groups have both reported an excess of events in the WW* [?] search channel, which could be the first evidence for the Higgs boson. In the MSSM, the lightest SUSY Higgs scalar h is expected to occur with mass mh [?] 135 GeV, depending on the range of SUSY parameters scanned over. Since the h [?] WW* branching fraction falls swiftly with decreasing mh, a signal in the WW* channel would favor an h at the high end of its predicted mass range. We scan over general GUT scale SUSY model parameters to find those which give rise to mh [?] 130 GeV. A value of m0 ~ 10-20 TeV is favored, with A0 ~ ±2m0, while the lower range of m1/2 [?] 1 TeV is also slightly favored. This gives rise to an "effective SUSY" type of sparticle mass spectrum. For low m1/2, gluino pairs may be accessible to LHC searches, while for higher m1/2 values, the SUSY spectra would likely be out of range of LHC reach.