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PRL 110, 151801 (2013)


Copyright 2013 American Physical Society

DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.110.151801


In supersymmetric models with light Higgsinos (which are motivated by electroweak naturalness arguments), the direct production of Higgsino pairs may be difficult to search for at the LHC due to the low visible energy release from their decays. However, the wino pair production reaction [?] -> ([?]) + ([?]) also occurs at substantial rates and leads to final states including equally oppositesign and same-sign diboson production. We propose a novel search channel for LHC14 based on the same-sign diboson plus missing ET final state which contains only modest jet activity. Assuming gaugino mass unification, and an integrated luminosity [?] 100 fb-1, this search channel provides a reach for supersymmetry well beyond that from usual gluino pair production.