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E. R. Jones, W. C. Huang, G. Basnet, B. N. Flanders,and H. Batelaan. Laser-induced Electron Emission from Au Nanowires: A Probe for Orthogonal Polarizations, Appl. Phys. Lett. 112, 263104 (2018).


Published by AIP Publishing. Used by permission.


Photoelectron field emission, induced by femtosecond laser pulses focused on metallic nanotips, provides spatially coherent and temporally short electron pulses. The properties of the photoelectron yield give insight into both the material properties of the nanostructure and the exciting laser focus. Ultralong nanoribbons, grown as a single crystal attached to a metallic taper, are sources of electron field emission that have not yet been characterized. In this report, photoemission from gold nanoribbon samples is studied and compared to emission from tungsten and gold tips. We observe that the emission from sharp tips generally depends on one transverse component of the exciting laser field, while the emission of a blunted nanoribbon is found to be sensitive to both components. We propose that this property makes photoemission from nanoribbons a candidate for position-sensitive detection of the longitudinal field component in a tightly focused beam.