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Semicond. Sci. Technol. 27 (2012) 115017 (7pp)


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The placement of the Gd, Er and Yb 4f states within the GaN valence band has been explored by both experiment and theory. The 4d–4f photoemission resonances for various rare-earth(RE)-doped GaN thin films (RE = Gd, Er, Yb) provide an accurate depiction of the occupied 4f state placement within the GaN. The resonant photoemission show that the major Er and Gd RE 4f weight is at about 5–6 eV below the valence band maximum, similar to the 4f weights in the valence band of many other RE-doped semiconductors. For Yb, there is a very little resonant enhancement of the valence band of Yb-doped GaN, consistent with a large 4f14-δ occupancy. The placement of the RE 4f levels is in qualitative agreement with theoretical expectations.