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Patent No.: US 6,555,252 B2


Appl. No.: 09/803,769


Disclosed is a modulated grain-composition magnetic recording material with up to terabit areal density recording capacity which, preferably, is produced by Sequential Vacuum deposition and Subsequent annealing procedures that allow Selective fabrication of magnetic material with desired grain size and coercivity, and with desired longitudinal or perpendicular magnetic particle “c-axis' orientation. The preferred magnetic recording material has multiple layers of FePt/BO and/or Fe/Pt/BO, with minimum grain Size of approximately ten (10) nanometers, with perpendicularly oriented “c-axis”, and with coercivity (Hc) of up to twelve (12) K-Oe. The preferred fabrication procedure involves sequential sputter deposition of FePt and B2O3 layers, followed by an anneal step.