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J. M. NGOKO DJIOKAP. PHYSICAL REVIEW A 104, 013115 (2021). DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevA.104.013115


Used by permission.


We study interactions between multiple temporal pairs of slits in coherent control of photoionization of S-state atoms using a pulse train of N + 1 pairs evenly delayed in time by τ , in which the two pulses in a pair with a delay τ0 are counter-rotating circularly polarized. For interacting two double-slit experiments, while Ramsey interference between two identical Archimedean spirals yields pairs of principal spirals, interference of two spirals with opposite handedness does not lead to spirals, but instead to crocodile-eye-like patterns with nictares. For more than two interacting experiments, the resulting patterns turn out just to be those two reference patterns modulated by different kinds of N-dependent time-energy Fraunhofer functions exhibiting diffraction-grating-like patterns.

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